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MyEco Green RITEK:

Due to ever-increasing carbon dioxide emissions and the excessive use of fossil fuels, RITEK, the largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world, is well aware of the fact that our products, services and activities may have significant impacts on the environments and its safety. Therefore, RITEK emphasize on creating more environmental friendly products which comply with all the related environmental protection laws.

The myeco trademark has once again proven RITEK’s commitment to preserving natural resources and cherishing our planet. Myeco product lines include Photovoltaic product, LED Lamp, eco disc, etc. RITEK has been environmentally responsible since it was formed earning the Green Dove ISO 14001 certificate. Moreover, RITEK are devoted to “Media Recycle Activity’’ from 2005 in Taiwan and also putting continued efforts in innovating new materials and energy with less environment impact.

For the Green future, Pleas join us to protect and cherish nature of the Earth.

Our Green Certifications:

1994.11 Received ISO 9002 certification
1999.06 Received ISO 14001 certification
2000.04 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 1994 edition)
2000.11 Received QS9000 certification
2004.01 Received Green Partner certification from Sony
2005.08 Received ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)
2005.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 1999 edition)
2005.11 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 edition)
2005.12 Received the Green mark certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration)
2008.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 2007 edition)

Our Green Policy:

RITEK and all its subsidiaries are fully commited to the following Environmental Safety & Health Policy:

  • Work activity, the product and the service should observe and conform to the government Environmental Protection 、Safety & Health law and the customers standard request.
  • Economize source, uses as far as possible lowly pollute material or reproducible material.  
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Protection pay equal attention to, continues to impel the risk management, reduces the environment impact and the safety and health risk reduces to the personnel and the border environment influence. 
  • Make all staff cognition company policy and should take responsibility, penetrate education and training, strengthen the guidance and the communication, and let the customer and the supplier understand the company policy.
  • Realization link for environmental and health policy management, the regular examination carries out the achievement , ensure it application with validity, and continues to improve the environmental protection work.

 Our Green Products:

Myeco Optical Discs 

The most important feature of myeco disc is its eco friendly technology. Not only reduce environmental pollution caused by printing ink, but also energy waste created during disc production, myeco discs are helping to further decrease the carbon footprint of the entire process. Plus the new technology from RITEK also provides dazzling 3D effects for a fun visual surprise. 

Solar Modules

Solar Module, green energy, has become significant in the sustainable development of future energy sources. RITEK has been focusing its efforts on green energy, and has invested in the photovoltaic industry. RITEK provides dynamic, highly-efficient and super competitive solar modules. Not only create energy ,but also do recycle for environment.
Solar Chargers
Myeco Solar Charger is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use solar charger for two rechargeable NiMh AAA batteries and any portable devices such as MP3 player and mobile phone. It is convenient to use it at any time and greatly reduces discharged batteries used. More important, it can save your money at once. Just Do it right now.
Small Home Systems
The SHS (Small Home System) is designed for use as an emergency power supply or as a power source in remote areas. The SHS uses small, lightweight, easily installed solar modules to generate electric power. It saves energy and money on your energy bill so easily.
LED Lamp
Myeco LED lamp is efficient and power saving product. Its LED light sources provide extreme illumination without interrupting UV rays or heat radiation. Moreover, its patented filter design prevents glare for improved visibility. It is good for our health. Myeco LED lamp is a new concept in healthy, bright, long lasting lighting for home or the office!







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