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 CorporateAbout Us     June 20, 2018  


California based Advanced Media, Inc. dba RITEK USA, is an independent subsidiary of RITEK CORPORATION, the world's largest optical media manufacturer. Advanced Media Inc. is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of its RiDATA brand of recordable CD, DVD, Blu-ray media as well as other types of electronic storage and digital media accessories such as USB drive, CF Card, SD card and Solid State Drive. Its superior supply-chain management provides customers with fast and efficient service.

Since incorporated in 2001, Advanced Media Inc. has experienced a phenomenal growth. The company quickly became a leading provider of digital storage media product within the North and South American market. The company's dedicated and well trained QC department assures the highest quality products from manufacturing through delivery. Extraordinary steps and precautions are taken in order to guarantee that RiDATA product users will experience the highest quality of digital media. 

The company's parent, RITEK CORPORATION, retains QS 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Green mark certification (from the EPA), and Six Sigma certifications. Such qualifications and certifications further assures the quality and safety of its RiDATA products.

In addtion, outstanding research and development department works diligently at perfecting mass production procedures, upgrading product quality and performance, and enhancing the competitiveness of RiDATA products and its technology. The R&D department continue to pursue the next generation of storage media, which enables the company to remain at the industry forefront.

The company features excellent logistics and a large production capacity for high quality optical media, flash memory and USB storage products. RITEK manufactures the following RiDATA products for U.S. retail distribution by Advanced Media Inc.

Optical Discs
Assorted CD, DVD and Blu-ray optical discs make up the cornerstone of the RiDATA brand product line. Engineered using the most advanced manufacturing technology and under the strictest quality control guidelines, they offer superior quality, exceptional durability, outstanding compatibility, and excellent performance.

The optical disc product line includes: Blu-ray BD-R/-RE; Double Sided DVD; Double Layer DVD+/-R; DVD-R/-RW; DVD+R/+RW; mini DVD-R and CD-R/-RWand CD-RW. The company also offer a variety of printable discs including: Inkjet printable disc; Thermal printable disc; Shiny Monochrome printable disc and White Top DVD-R.

Flash Memory Cards - Lightning and Supreme Series
High-quality RiDATA flash memory cards include: high-speed CompactFlash Card; Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Card; Secure Digital Card; and MicroSD/SDHC card. Available in an array of popular capacity sizes, they are ideal for a variety of applications, including digital cameras, PDA’s, MP3 players, smartphones, and notebook computers.

Solar Modules
Solar Module, green energy, has become significant in the sustainable development of future energy sources. RITEK has been focusing its efforts on green energy, and has invested in the photovoltaic industry. RITEK provides dynamic, highly-efficient and super competitive solar modules. Not only create energy ,but also do recycle for environment.


In order to ensure the global competitiveness of our operation, RITEK makes great efforts to maintain consistent world class production. This effort encompasses production planning, manufacturing processes, supply chain efficiencies, and the coordination of global product marketing. To obtain optimal manufacturing efficiency and dependable product quality RITEK uses cutting-edge equipment and consistent material quality management.

RITEK uses world-class automated production management systems. Through the development of a new Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) process, Ritek can quickly respond to customers’ demands in the shortest time possible. The company leverages this competitive advantage to provide the newest products at affordable pricing and to continue its leadership position in the optical media industry.


RITEK is the first Taiwanese company to earn the prestigious ISO 9001 and QS9000 certifications. Currently, our quality management system has received ISO9001:2000 certification. RITEK's emphasis on quality encompasses the entire production process from R&D to the delivery of products. As the global leader in compact disc manufacturing, we insist on consistently delivering the best quality products to our global customer base.

Through its Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), RITEK can quickly expand production capacity and maintain consistently high product quality. Our production quality policies apply to all processes within the company including product research and development, mass production, materials, production procedures, supply chain, delivery and customer service. In our laboratories we continually evaluate our products to ensure consistent quality, perform environmental testing and conduct optical research.

RITEK's outstanding technical departments provide support to each production line. Our aim is to produce the highest quality product with zero product defects. We provide continuous training to elevate the capabilities of our employees to maintain quality products through all processes to achieve our ultimate goal of: "Satisfying our customer's needs and exceeding their expectations."

RITEK's Quality Policy:

: Training (Continuous training of all employees)
Q: Quality (Promoting overall demand on quality)
C: Client (Exceeding customers' expectations)

RITEK's Goal of Quality:

 - To obtain our customer's approval based on quickly and effectively responding to their needs.
 - To achieve a highly effective quality control system with the participation and action of all employees.
 - To provide the right product with the right core technology at the right time.
 - To satisfy our customers with a cooperative staff and work towards ongoing product and technology improvements.


1994.11 Received ISO 9002 certification
1999.06 Received ISO 14001 certification
2000.04 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 1994 edition)
2004.12 Received SONY's GP certification
2005.03 Received RICOH's CMS certification
2005.08 Received ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)
2005.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification
2005.11 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 version)
2005.12 Received the Greenmark certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration)

RITEK's System for Quality Management:

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our operation, RITEK makes great efforts from production planning to the coordination of product marketing. We ensure high-level equipment and meticulous material management to obtain optimal efficiencies and product quality.

RITEK possesses world-class automated production management systems. RITEK leads its competition through the development of a flexible manufacturing system. This allows adjustments in the output capacities of various products in the shortest time. This enables RITEK to provide customers the most efficient, cost effective and optimal services.


RITEK's commitment to innovation has resulted in a state-of-the-art R&D center which dedicates to advance new concepts in the optical, electronic and chemical fields. These laboratories are being utilized by RITEK’s leading R&D teams. These R&D teams strive to become "Future Life Engineers" and are committed to developing the next generation of storage media.

In order to be at the forefront of talent and technology in the industry, RITEK has also created partnerships with leading academic institutions and large international manufacturers. By doing this, RITEK demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining its position as the world's leading supplier of optical and mobile data storage products.

RITEK's research & development teams focus on:

High Density:
RITEK devotes much of its research and development to establishing a world-class R&D unit for recording type media. We have cutting edge equipment and advanced laboratories to develop the next generation of products including HD DVD, BD, FVD, Super-RENS disc and Hologram discs.

High Speed:
An emphasis is placed on increasing the read/write speed and overall recording quality of a variety of recordable media.

Multiple Layers:
RITEK also devotes research to developing additional layers of recordable media storage. This has resulted in products such as HD DVD Double Layer, BD Double Layer and DVD Double Layer.

Environment, Health & Safty

Guarantees and Policies:
As the largest optical storage media manufacturer in the world, RITEK Corporation is aware that our products, services and activities may have an adverse impact on the environment. This is why we have pledged to comply with all related environmental protection laws, to continually implement pollution prevention measures and to carry on our efforts to improve environmental safety and cleanliness.

RITEK Corporations' environmental policy:
With continuity as our goal of corporate operation, we at RITEK see ourselves as the "engineers of the future". Besides being involved in business activities, we are not exempt from fulfilling our duties to society.

Guided by our corporate policies, we strive to protect our environment and to treasure all natural resources. With a target of achieving a safe and hygienic workplace and a cleaner environment, we are committed to building a better quality of life.

Every one of us at RITEK pledges to abide by the following environmental protection policies:

1. All work procedures, products and services are compliant with the laws/regulations/requirements regarding environmental protection, safety and hygiene adopted by the government and related interest organizations.

2. To conserve resources and energy, and to maximize the use of recyclable materials and machinery that has low emissions, and has a relatively smaller impact on the environment, safety and hygiene.

3. To place equal stress on safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and to put continued efforts in promoting risk management, reducing our environmental impact, lower safety risks and hygiene to minimize the potential hazards faced by our personnel and the surrounding environment.

4. To make sure everyone at RITEK is aware of company policies and company responsibilities. Through continuing education, we enhance advocacy and communication to inform our customers and suppliers about the company’s policy on environmental issues.

5. To bring the environmental safety and hygiene management system to fruition and carry out periodic assessments on its performance to ensure it remains applicable and effective; to recognize that safety, hygiene and environmental protection demands constant efforts from everyone.

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