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 Home     November 30, 2015  
RiDATA Headline
RiDATA M-DISC is the answer for a "Permanent" optical storage solution

RiDATA Magic Silver DVD-R 16X is now unveiled. 

RiDATA SDHC 3.0 UHS-I, a new standard of SD Card is now available. 
DVD+R 8X Double Layer
supports the ability to overburn up to 8.7GB.

RiDATA CF Card 1000X
now offers up to 1000X Hi-Speed experience to photographers.

Class 10 MicroSDHC 32GB
enriches your smartphone experience to a higher level.

new RiDATA M-DISC Blu-Ray
is media that are built to last over 1000 years.

 RiDATA Blu-ray DL 50GB
features up to 6X speed & 50GB storage capacity. 

 Industry Grade CF Card
offers an industrial grade CF Card solutions for professionals.

new Magic Silver DVD-R 16X
Artful and elegant style comes with RiDATA Magic Silver DVD-R.

Next generation of SDHC3.0 Class10 performance SDHC.

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